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Posture Informed Performance

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Drumming and playing music should feel good. MainSpring Music Fitness is a posture informed fitness program specifically designed to help all musicians increase their strength, flexibility, and endurance so they can move better, feel better, and sound better. 

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Let good posture be your guide to playing great music...

No matter what instrument you play, developing a posture reflex that helps to stabilize your back and improve your body mechanics makes playing any instrument so much easier.

MainSpring Music Fitness: About Me

...while you develop the fitness skills you need to support your best performance.

Musicians put their bodies through a lot, just like athletes. Both athletic and musical training require you to apply core strength and refine your muscular sequencing, individual technique, and mental focus.

Become a stronger more confident musician! 

Move better, and learn to learn to recognize and apply the many fitness opportunities in your existing lifestyle. 

MainSpring Music Fitness: About Me
Drumming - Posture - Body Mechanics

Drumming - Posture - Body Mechanics

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