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Doug Plavin

Drummer and Fitness Specialist


I'm a drummer who plays and dreams in service to the song, and a teacher who is always in service to the student. I'm also a lifelong athlete, marathoner. and Certified Personal Trainer. I've taught drumming at Deerfield Academy and in the Belchertown, MA school band program, and at Downtown Sounds in Northampton, MA.

I've had the honor and good fortune of touring and/or recording with singer songwriters and music session luminaries like Duke Levine, John Scofield, Michael Gregory Jackson, Joan Baez, Bill Morrissey, Dar Williams, Jim Henry, Mary Gauthier, Mark Erelli, Cry Cry Cry, Cliff Eberhardt, Deb Talan/The Weepies, Mitch Chakour, and many others.

But what you might find just as interesting is that over the past 15 years, my background in exercise science afforded me the opportunity to help all kinds of people in the workplace figure out practical ways to get more physical and move smarter, improve their workspace ergonomics, eat better, and most importantly, to show them how to help themselves stop feeling like big old lumbering sacks of pain. Needless to say, drumming puts a lot of demands on your body, so fitness and drumming go hand in hand. 

And so it begins...


Drumming - Posture - Body Mechanics
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Why should I take lessons with you?

Because you're a beginner who wants to learn how to hit the drum well, learn some beats and fills, and deepen your experience on the kit. Or maybe you're an intermediate or advanced player who's hit a plateau or wall(!) that requires you to step back, look at your posture, technique, and jumpstart things with a fresh approach!

So what is a Fitness Specialist?

Someone who can assess a client's health, lifestyle, and exercise needs, and develop an exercise program that the client understands, is excited about, and can be integrated into their existing lifestyle. 

Where's my free pony?

Never you mind.

Can I integrate my fitness program into my practice time?

YES, that's the idea!